Chris Greisen's Midwest Elite 7 on 7 Tournament

cardinals smile pictureThroughout my travels during the my 14 years of playing professional football, which include 15 years of teaching, tutoring, and developing quarterbacks through my QB Academy, I have noticed a great need for young football players in the Midwest - and particularly in Northeastern Wisconsin - to learn the intricacies of the passing game.

I believe these young football players need to participate in highly competitive game-scenario opportunities - as already do many of their peers across the nation - to improve their knowledge and skills. Such experiences will enable them as a team to successfully compete against local and state rivals as well as to compete individually with athletes from other states as they vie for limited college scholarships.

Participating in this 7 on 7 tournament will help your players gain confidence in their own abilities as well in their teammates' abilities to both defend the pass and execute the pass using multiple passing concepts.

I created this 7 on 7 tournament to help accomplish this as well as provide a great opportunity for the players to build camaraderie with their teammates and meet other athletes as well.

I genuinely look forward to seeing you on Saturday July 14th!

~ Coach Greisen



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